Many Singaporeans spend several hundreds of dollars each year on their mobile phone plans. But what’s worse is that they can’t get out of their plan because they are under contract. If they do, they would have to pay a hefty early termination fee. But it begs the question, why do so many people fall into these expensive and limiting schemes in the first place? Many of them were lured by the mobile phones that come with these plans. According to the plans, they are getting the phones for free or at heavily discounted prices. But the truth is, they are paying for these phones on an installment basis. If you don’t like to sign up for a traditional mobile phone plan, then you should look into the best SIM only plans in Singapore.


It’s a good thing that Singaporeans now have more options when it comes to mobile phone plans. Having more options is generally better for consumers. Now, they can search for the best SIM only plans in Singapore. That would’ve been impossible a few years back. And now, more people are also aware of the gimmicks of telcos. They are not as easily lured as before by the promise of a free handset. Singapore consumers now are wiser. Many of them now know that they can save more money by buying their mobile plans and SIM plans separately. This change in attitude led to the popularity of SIM only plans in the country.

If you still have a perfectly working phone and you just need a new plan, then there really is no need for you to get a new handset. If you want to save more money on a new phone, you can also look at the second-hand market and then just get a mobile plan separately. You may spend more money initially when you buy your phone and your plan separately but it can actually save you more money down the line. And the best part is, you are not tied to a particular telco. You are free to change your service provider if you’re not happy with it.


Getting a SIM only plan in circles life vs giga is probably one of the best things you can do for your finances. If you’re still currently under a contract, then maybe it’s just best for you to wait for it to end. Unless you’re willing to pay the early-termination fee, of course. But as soon as your contract ends, you should look immediately for the best SIM only plans in Singapore.

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