Starting Your Career at KPMG in Singapore

A company’s greatest asset is its people. Hence, it comes as no surprise when statistics show that top-performing companies providing a rewarding work culture and community-building opportunities often face fewer difficulties in attracting or retaining high-value employees.

This is the ethos KPMG in Singapore has adopted in managing talent. Beyond profits and business opportunities, the company prioritises its community of employees, ensuring that the right people are placed in the right positions to effect innovative solutions and positive change for the organisation and its clients. As a mainstay in the lists of top professional services firms in Singapore, KPMG is the ideal organisation for anyone hoping to embark on a career in audit, tax or advisory.

  1. KPMG in Singapore’s People-first Culture and Strong Values

 As an organisation, KPMG’s five core values serve to guide and inspire those who come through their doors: 

          Integrity, which encourages employees to do what is right.

          Excellence, to foster constant growth.

          Courage, that embraces boldness in actions and words.

          Together, where solidarity is highly valued, and no one is left behind.

          For Better, as a reminder to do what matters today and every day.

These values reflect a collective belief and what every employee at KPMG in Singapore expects of one another. Also rooted in the company is an enduring commitment to building a cohesive and empowering culture where a collaborative mindset is present across all levels of management. 

  1. Progression and Growth with KPMG in Singapore

Every job comes with a new opportunity for growth and development, both professionally and personally. While it may take a considerable amount of time and effort to trace the progress of one’s journey consciously, it need not be a daunting task. It is well-recognised that an increasing percentage of employees require employers to provide healthy environments. KPMG in Singapore is known for its clear and structured system of advancement, conscientiously empowering employees to take ownership of their growth.

Beyond the requirements of necessary skills and qualifications, KPMG in Singapore values promising candidates with the right attitude. Self-directed learners who are disciplined and willing to challenge themselves will find the pre-existing network of developmental programmes advantageous to facilitate their growth. With more than 70% of team engagement based solely on a manager’s involvement, one can expect firm positive guidance from a team of dedicated mentors at KPMG Singapore. Along with regular professional upskilling opportunities, careers at KPMG are fulfilling, where active learning takes place consistently.

For fresh graduates and job seekers who may be new to the professional services industry, the Graduate and Student programmes aid in ensuring those budding young professionals who are looking for internships or have just graduated are able to receive access to resources that will broaden their capabilities.

      3. Fun@Work with KPMG Singapore

With studies showing a 23% increase in productivity for companies with higher engagement levels, career satisfaction is an undeniably essential concern for all employees and employers. 

To manage such requirements, KPMG in Singapore has implemented initiatives such as Fun@Work programmes[NH(1]. These staff cohesion programmes encourage employees to engage in fun activities outside of work, thereby allowing the constant development of better rapport amongst staff. From the long list of accomplishments awarded to KPMG in Singapore, it is not difficult to see that the firm is people-centred and values-driven. Additionally, by considering the reviews on sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, the holistic outlook on the experiences of KPMG employees is overwhelmingly optimistic.

Ultimately, all these factors present KPMG in Singapore as an organisation that has the potential to inspire a positive impact on its community of workers. After all, it is the employee’s dedication to the business that ensures its success. And as an employee, labour alongside fellow dedicated colleagues in a good company is one’s best shot at creating powerful solutions as a community.

Considering a Career in a Professional Services firm?

Working in a prestigious professional services firm does present a slew of benefits, some of which include the likes of career progression and lucrative remunerations. However, it does also bring with it specific challenges. But should you decide that the professional services industry is really the right fit for you, it would then be helpful for you to understand what makes you marketable. Highlight these qualities in your resume, so that employers would then be hiring you for those specific skill sets. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own career, so ensure that you remain diligent, network consistently and chart out a path for yourself to success.


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