When buying a new car, it’s essential to ask for car insurance quotes to ensure that your car is financially protected against damages. Although many people think that having a car is something cheap, the truth of the matter is that owning a car is expensive. Car insurance is mandatory almost everywhere. The most difficult task that many car owners face is getting the best and affordable deals. Below are some top ways for saving on car insurance:


  1. Select an appropriate car


Generally, insurance companies give specific values to different cars which in turn affects the total insurance costs. The insurance companies mostly consider the possible costs of repair in case the cars are involved in any form of accidents. For expensive cars, then it’s obvious that the costs of repair will be higher. Therefore, before you select your car of choice, take time to think about how its price can affect the overall insurance costs.


  1. Be a great driver


If you are a great driver, then you have a higher chance of getting low-cost insurance coverage. This is because the insurance company won’t think you are likely to cause road accidents. However, being a great driver with a good reputation isn’t something that will happen overnight. Most new drivers tend to get higher premiums as a result of the risks involved.


  1. Frequency of driving


For individuals working at least 8 hours a day, there are higher chances that they usually drive to the workplace and back home later in the day. The mileage in this case is much lower than those driving all day long. If you operate this way, then the insurer will consider giving you cheap auto insurance since your car will require fewer repairs and the possibility of being involved in an accident is low.


  1. Choose the right insurance product


Car owners need to select the right insurance product that goes hand in hand with their driving habits. Since most people don’t drive often, then choosing pay-as-you-go insurance is much affordable compared to standard insurance coverage. However, it’s nearly impossible to cheat the insurance since they attach a tracking device to your car.


  1. Improving driving skills


Lack of experience is the major reason why insurers give new drivers expensive insurance coverage. According to research, statistics show that young people have higher chances of being involved in road accidents compared to mature people. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get low-cost insurance coverage. Take time and improve your general driving skills and you will end up qualifying for affordable insurance coverage. A period of between 3 to 5years is enough to improve your driving skills.


In conclusion, these are some of the top ways for saving on car insurance. You can also consider looking for the best insurance deals online. If you are a Singapore resident and you need affordable insurance for both new and used cars, then sgCarMart is the best solution. You can visit our website for more information regarding our insurance policies.

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