Are you eager to try a steaming bowl of delicious hotpot on a dreary day? What about some great Singapore BBQ? Well, Pot Addiction has you covered! The restaurant’s two newest hot promotions are sure to give you inexpensive prices with some great food. Come rain or shine, Pot Addiction is ready for customers of all kinds of backgrounds to taste their flavorful, amazing Singapore BBQ and Steamboat buffet. They offer all kinds of amazing food at very affordable prices. Being Singapore’s very first official International Steamboat, Mookata, and BBQ buffet ever, the restaurant allows customers to pick from three different and unique options of cooking styles. Pot Addiction also provides customers with a variety of different kinds of soup like delicious Laksa, tasty Mala, and warm Tonkotsu. Pot Addiction is truly a “hotpot of heaven,” where dine-in customers can choose from their choice of vegetables and meats, while also customizing their own Singapore sauce. Customers can gladly select a plethora of delicious cooked food, from tasty Korean glass noodles to crunchy fried chicken wings. Let’s not forget to add in a healthy side of chicken fried rice and some spring rolls for an extra amazing experience. 


  A POWERHOUSE OF PALETTE-PLEASING                                


     Located right at the classic Sembawang shopping area, Sun Plaza, this powerhouse of a buffet has a huge array of food options available for the whole family. In order for customers to abide by the Covid-19 protocols, they are required to respectfully stay in their seats while the friendly restaurant staff takes orders and serves customers their food. This way, customers can then feel more comfortable and safe, while also provided with more service. 


             A GREAT MENU

    There is so much to choose from when visiting Singapore’s Pot Addiction Steamboat buffet. From an assortment of flavorful seafood to amazing meats, there is quite a bit to choose from. The menu provides yummy items like the following:


  •  Sliced Pork Belly
  •  Fresh Beef Squid
  •  Gong Gong
  •  Sliced Lamb
  • Bamboo Clams



     At only $12.90 plus, students and seniors can eat fillings lunches at Pot Addiction, making it definitely one of the inexpensive lunch deals to get. Stomach filling and wallet-friendly, this exotic Singaporean buffet is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. However, it is good to note that this price is only valid for the restaurant’s authentic BBQ. Want a delicious hotpot instead of BBQ? This will require you a top-up charge of $12. With the absolutely delectable selection of Korean-style meats and heavenly food, visitors to the popular restaurant will also find usual steamboat ingredients like that hearty meatballs and flavorful tofu. Are you sauce-head? Well, what is even more exceptional about this elegant place is the beautiful DIY sauce bar. Here you will find a toaster where you can easily heat up tortilla wraps to go with your seasoned meats. Want a bowl of Singaporean cheese? For a top up of only $3 dollars, you can order a bowl of cheese to eat along with your other food.


     All in all, the food is amazing and the people are great! Come visit Singapore’s great Pot Addiction buffet today and savor the wonderful flavors of Asia.









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