TTS Group is the leading semiconductor and test tooling solutions provider in the world. The company has been operating in Asia since 1979, and its services and products are incomparable. Thanks to the company’s versatility and many decades of service in the mechanical or industrial engineering, the company has been able to attract a large mass of clients.


Through the leadership of SL Wee, who is the CEO, TTS Group has gone on to improve the industrial engineering sector in many incredible ways. In essence, as you look for the finest test tooling solutions, there is a lot to know about Test Tooling Solutions Group. Have a look;


What TTS-Group Does


If you are new to Testing Tooling Solutions Group, then there is a lot to know and establish yourself as one of the company’s beloved clients. TTS-Group is dedicated to provide one-of-a-kind solutions to the many test and tooling problems its customers experience on a daily basis.


As an engineering powerhouse, the company has been providing incredible services such as undertaking research projects, designing, developing, and building test sockets and probe pins. The company has over the years been focusing on lowering the costs of testing for its large clientele base. This has been possible through its persistent pursuit of innovation, working together with stakeholders, and guaranteeing timely delivery of its services and products.


How It Works


As a leader in the testing solution industry, TTS-Group has played a great role in helping its clients have peace of mind in their undertakings. The company has been offering advanced and innovative testing solutions. It has been using the latest technologies in its operations, a feat many of its competitors just dream about.


The company has always been there for its clients providing them with high quality products and guidance on how to use the available material. These products include pogo pin, test socket and hand socket lid among others.


TTS Group has gone on to cement its name, products and services as the leading probe head manufacturer in the world. One area the company has stood out is in the manufacturing of WLCSP socket or probe head. This product has made it easy to undertake small and specific tests making it easy to achieve low contact resistance, high reliability, high bandwidth and longer life.


Industrial Applications


TTS-Group has been undertaking different industrial applications to the satisfaction of its large number of clients not only in Asia, but also in many other parts of the world. Some of its widely acknowledged industrial applications include;




There are different types of simulation undertaken by experts at TTS-Group. They include;


Thermal simulationsignal integrity simulation Finite Element Analysis


Test and Validation


To meet standards as specified in its field of operation, TTS Group has to undertake Test and Validation. This is an application where the company has to test and validate the probe pins and prove the effectiveness of pogo pins. Different tests it undertakes include;


Cycling testCRES testx-ray inspection and SEM inspection.


Quality Assurance


For effective delivery of its test tooling solutions, TTS-Group has to undertake quality assurance and satisfy its customers’ needs. The company has to assure better performance and quality in the products it delivers.


To Sum Up


If you are looking for the best place to seek semiconductor testing and tooling solutions, look no further TTS-Group. You will get a chance to interact with experts in the engineering world as well as get well-acquainted with the latest products in the field. If interested in working at Test Tooling Solutions Group, you can also pursue some of the job opportunities it offers and be part of its large fraternity.

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