Shoes are very important especially if you wish to prevent and treat Morton neuroma. If you wear inappropriate or poorly fitting you can make your leg bones override each other thus leading to this condition. However, if you have a mild Morton neuroma condition, then wearing the shoes with the following specifications can be of great help to you.

Features of the best work shoes for Morton’s neuroma

i) Have very low soles

It’s good that you look wear shoes that have flat soles so that you avoid experiencing pressure on the bones of your feet where the Morton neuroma is situated.

ii) Adjustable fitting shoes

You must be aware that if you wear oversize or too-small shoes, the stability and integrity of your feet will be affected. Therefore, it’s good that you wear shoes that fit well onto your legs and if possible have straps and laces for adjusting the setting to the level which can make you comfortable when you are walking.

iii) Proper arch support

In case you are living a highly active lifestyle, then you should strive to invest in high-quality shoes. The shoes that you invest in must have enough arch support that can assist in reducing strain and pressure onto your feet by acting as a shock absorber. Proper arch support is also vital in case you have issues such as inadequate gait or abnormal posture.

iv) Have a wider space at the toe front

If you wish to minimize pressure on your forefront, you must use shoes that have a wider spacing at the front. Wider spacing at the front of your shoes will prevent your bones at the toes from over-riding thus causing Morton’s neuroma.

Finally, the right kind of shoes for people with big feet for Morton’s neuroma should be the ones that fit you at all times. When you are buying your shoes you should test them by standing, jogging lightly, and walking around to determine if you will be comfortable.

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