The income of a professional or business owner is not fixed, it depends on factors beyond his or her control, like competition, government policy. Hence most persons in Singapore are looking for a job since the work is usually clearly defined and they will get a monthly salary for the work they do. Most of the employers prefer to post vacancies on job portals since they have a large number of job seekers who are checking the vacancies. Hence most professionals looking for better career opportunities are interested in finding a suitable Singapore job portal with a large number of jobs and also offering job related services.


DreamCareerBuilder is one of the most reputed job portals in Singapore offering a wide range of services for both employers and job applicants. The service was started by experienced human resources professionals who have worked closely with a large number of businesses in Singapore to help them find the right employees. They also understand that a large number of professionals are interested in finding better career opportunities, yet they do not want to leave their current job because they are worried that they may face problems at their new job. The staff at DreamCareerBuilder understands their concerns and helps them make the right decision.


Professionals interested in better job opportunities can conveniently search the jobs listed at DreamCareerBuilder using the search option which has been provided. If they wish to work from home, there is an additional provision for searching for jobs that allow the applicant to work remotely. Also if the job applicant is not looking for a specific job, only wishes to find out the various jobs, he can browse through the listings. The jobs are listed in various categories like finance, marketing, construction, business consultancy, manufacturing, insurance, and sales.


In the case of busy professionals who do not have the time to search for suitable jobs, DreamCareerBuilder is also offering curriculum vitae (CV) distribution services. The company has a large database of email addresses of businesses in Singapore and nearby areas, who are hiring employees. If the professional is interested in finding new career opportunities, he can use the CV distribution service to contact employers in Singapore. It is easy to use the service, the user only has to provide the resume, cover letter, and pay the fees for the service. After this DreamCareerBuilder will ensure that the resume, reaches the right company.


For all businesses, finding and retaining the right employee is a significant expense. Usually, the business will advertise the vacancy in offline and online media. It may also use the services of a placement agency, who will charge a fee. So even if they are not recruiting immediately, companies will retain all the resumes they receive, so that they can quickly contact the professional whenever there is a vacancy. Hence registering with DreamCareerBuilder will help a business get resumes of a large number of job applicants, reducing the cost of hiring to some extent. The company can also post details of the job vacancy at the job portal.

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