Light Bulbs

According to an estimate, an average householder in Singapore allocates about 5 percent of the energy budget to lighting. However, the rising cost of electricity can magnify this 5 percent. The situation could be more pressing in case you still use conventional incandescent bulbs. If you’re serious about bringing down your light bills, consider switching to energy-efficient bulbs. Here’s a list of the best electricity saving light bulbs.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)

Compared to traditional light bulbs, these bulbs consume less electricity. Available in a full spectrum of lighting colors, CFL bulbs are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. Plus, they’ve a longer life span of 7 to 10 years. As such, there’s no need to change the bulbs every now and then, which is the case with conventional incandescent bulbs.

Halogen incandescent bulbs

These are a modified version of traditional incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs include a capsule inside for holding gas around the filament. This kind of setup increases the efficiency of the bulb. Available in a range of colors and shapes, they could be used with dimmers too. Most importantly, halogen bulbs adhere to the minimum energy efficiency standards.

LED bulbs

The introduction of LED lighting has proved to be a boon to mankind. Compared to traditional bulbs, these bulbs consume about 75 percent less electricity. Also, they’re supposed to have the longest life span. Once purchased, you can enjoy their lighting throughout your life. Also, they’re Eco-friendly and don’t pose any threat to the environment.

A word of advice

Now that you know the best electricity saving light bulbs, you may be eager to use them to cut down your electricity cost. However, changing the bulbs won’t help much. Besides opting for energy-efficient bulbs, you may want to switch to a reputed electricity supplier such as Senoko Energy. The company has helped many householders save a big chunk of money on an ongoing basis. Just check out their plans and you could tap on guaranteed savings.


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