Peer to peer lending has become one of the best methods for debt financing. It has made it possible for borrowers and loan providers to borrow or lend money without necessarily involving intermediary financial institutions. This method of financing has ensured there is sufficient formal credit. It provides a platform where the lenders can render their money to borrowers without the intervention of a conventional banking system. This platform, in simple terms, offers a market place where borrowers can access unsecured loans for a variety of uses.

One of the advantages of peer to peer lending is that loans are processed within a short period of time when compared to the time required to process loans from other lending institutions such as banks.
Why you should consider peer to peer lending

Over the last years, the number of reputable loan providers for this method of debt financing has increased rapidly. Lenders have dealt away with brokers involved in the lending and borrowing processes. Apart from being a highly seamless lending platform, there are other advantages it offers to both the lenders and the investors.
Below are some of the benefits of peer to peer lending:

-The process of borrowing is simple and quite affordable

-Investing in this method of debt financing is more profitable and seamless
-Huge profits on your entire investment
-The straightforward and faster online borrowing process
-Returns as per the risk involved
-Availability of loans ranging from amounts to huge amounts based on your demands and availability.
-Availability of loans at affordable interest rates when compared to interest rates from other lending institutions such as banks.
-It also acts as an alternative option for entrepreneurs who are unable to qualify for loans from other financial lending sources. Most of the financial institutions do not offer small business loans because they are not quite profitable.
-It’s not a requirement for borrowers to have security or collateral in order to access loans.
The discussed above are some of the reasons that have led to an increase in the popularity of the peer to peer lending as a method of debt financing.

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