Many people set a budget before they start remodeling their homes, but they still end up spending thousands more. If you are planning to renovate your house, you need to set a budget to avoid overspending and project delays. Here are some of the hidden renovation costs that you might miss out:


1. Renovation permit
Many homeowners whip out their tools and start a renovation project even before obtaining a permit. What many don’t know is that some renovation projects require them to apply for a permit. Renovation permits can cost from hundreds to few thousands of dollars. If you are planning to extend your house, you should apply for a renovation permit. If you fail to obtain a permit, be ready to pay the heavy fines.


2. Debris removal
If you are planning to demolish walls, construct new walls, replace the ceiling, and other renovation activities that will leave you with debris, you should plan for their removal. Your renovation contractors are less likely to include debris removal in their quotations.


3. Accidental damages
No matter how skilled your renovation team is, some accidents are inevitable. You need to plan for them. You need to figure out what are some of the potential damages. If you fail to budget for accidental damages, you are more likely to overspend. If you don’t have enough extra money, the renovation project will take longer than planned.


4. Hiring child and pet care
When renovating your home, you may need to hire child and pet care. It might not be safe to have them in your home during the renovation process. Hiring child and pet care can help you avoid certain potential injuries to your child and pets during the renovation process. Failure to include this in your renovation budget, you will be stranded in the middle of the project.


5. Finding a place to stay
Some renovation projects take more than a day or two. You will need a place to stay since you can’t stay in your house when the walls are wet, it has no roof, or the floor is wet. You should consider whether you may be required to find a place to stay during the renovation process and add the expenses in your budget.


6. Dining out
You are planning to renovate your kitchen, that won’t stop you from getting hungry. You should plan on where you will eat from, how much it will cost, and add the expenses in your renovation budget.


7. Finishing touches
You may have budgeted for cabinetry, tiles, and paint, but did you remember that you will need blinds and drapes for the updated window and doorknobs for your freshly faced doors? You may also want to fix the dripping water system to have your house remain dry. There are so many things that you should consider beyond renovation and include their cost in your budget.

Those are some of the hidden renovation costs. They can make you overspend on your renovation project and also delay the process, so you must look for a good hdb renovation company. To avoid being a victim of unexpected expenses, you should prepare your budget months before and keep reviewing and adding some of the costs that may be missing.


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