Child custody claims are complex; therefore, hiring a professional attorney is a great idea. Handling these complicated cases on your own isn’t advisable because you lack sufficient knowledge about child custody laws. Most people might assume representing themselves is a cost-saving approach, but that isn’t the real case. When finding a great child custody lawyer consider factors, such as reputation, experience, cost, transparency, and professionalism. An expert child custody lawyer in Singapore will file important paperwork and keep track of deadlines. Below are signs that you need a reliable child custody lawyer in Singapore.

  1. You Have Insufficient Knowledge About Family Law

Proper navigation of a child custody case requires professionalism, thorough research, and planning. Obtaining in-depth knowledge about family law will consume your time and money. Therefore, working with a reputable child custody lawyer will play a significant role in saving you time. An attorney will be responsible for keeping track of the court dates, deadlines, and paperwork. A child custody lawyer has more info about the ins and outs of a court. Therefore, a child custody attorney will fill out petitions, mediate with the other party, consult with clients, and attend hearings on your behalf.

  1. You’re Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

If you’re an addict, hiring a professional custody lawyer will be helpful because this topic will come up in court. The other party will use this approach to paint you in a bad light, thus lowering your odds of winning the case. In the courtroom, claims like this must be substantiated; therefore, evidence of substance use will be required. For instance, treatment program information can be used as evidence. A child custody lawyer will use an appropriate strategy that’ll defend your actions.

  1. Your Case Crosses Jurisdiction

When your case crosses jurisdiction, hiring a professional child custody lawyer is the best strategy. This is because you aren’t sure about which laws will apply to your case. A lawyer will navigate through complex circumstances with ease. Note that a case crosses jurisdiction when you and your ex live in different countries.

  1. Your Ex-Partner Has a Lawyer

If you find out that your ex-partner is working with a child custody attorney, it’s high time that you consider hiring a lawyer. Representing yourself in court isn’t the best approach because an expert lawyer will find loopholes and blind spots that’ll work efficiently. In addition, avoid the DIY approach because a lawyer has adequate knowledge in this field.

  1. Your Ex-Partner Prevents You From Socializing with the Children


At some point, you may find that your ex-partner is preventing you from meeting your kids. Hiring a reliable child custody attorney will be the best option to deal with this situation. Some of the strategies that’ll help an experienced child custody lawyer in Singapore to navigate the case include investigating the subject matter. Therefore, you should keep detailed documentation of certain behaviors. For instance, denying parenting time and obstructing your contract with the kids are the key aspects that a child custody lawyer will require.

  1. Your Child is In Danger

The safety and well-being of your kids are important. A child can face different types of danger. For instance, your ex-partner can neglect or harm the child physically or mentally. An emotionally abusive parent is cancer to your kids. A child custody lawyer will help you obtain a child protective order or restraining order.


In addition, if your case has special circumstances, consider hiring a reputable child custody lawyer in Singapore.


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