Many businesses believe that the only way to interpret and translate a meeting is to hire a translator and interpreter to be at the event. The problem with this is that the arrangements which you need to make, including the translation hardware and everything, are cumbersome. Moreover, in addition to preparing for your meeting, you need to look into all of these arrangements as well.


The solution to this problem is using remote simultaneous interpretation services. The benefits of the same are quite a few. Once you go through these benefits, you will never use the traditional and slow method of interpretation and translation ever again. Let us look at the four benefits below.


  1. Affordable:

The main advantage of remote interpretation is that it is much more affordable than hiring an interpreter to go around with you. When you hire an interpreter, you will have to book flights for them, hotel rooms, and so on. You have to look after their stay wherever the meeting is.


On the other hand, when you’re hiring a remote simultaneous interpretation service, you have to just initiate a video call to them. They will do the rest. Thus, hiring such interpretation services is much more affordable than traditional ones.


  1. Time-saving:

In case you were thinking of opting for recording the meeting and sending it to the interpreter, there is a problem with that as well. They will interpret their own sweet time and return you the audio or the text according to your requirement. All of this can take weeks together. Moreover, a single mistake can lead to going back and forth, which will cost additional precious time.


On the other hand, when you’re hiring a simultaneous interpretation service, you will be able to get the message which you want instantly. There is no going back and forth.


When you wish to deliver a message to your organization or want to make a decision based on the meeting, you do not have weeks to waste. That is why remote interpretation, which works simultaneously, is the only solution which you have.


  1. Suitable for a wide audience:

Interpreting a recorded message and sending it to all your employees is not going to engage them. Many employers might not even listen to or watch the video at all. In that case, your effort of hiring a contractor to translate a message will go to waste.


Real-time engagement works in a much better way. When you’re going for simultaneous interpretation, you can reach out to employees across offices and even countries. That will certainly help you in conveying your message to them. Simultaneously, it increases the engagement to the next level as well. That is why it is one of the most effective ways to translate your messages, meetings, and so on.


  1. No need for maintaining hardware:

When you’re hiring a remote simultaneous interpretation service, you have to just initiate the video call. They will be making the interpretation on their own. They will be responsible for providing you with the output feed as well. So, you need not bother about the hardware at all.


On the other hand, when you’re hiring an interpreter to travel with you, you have to look at the hardware, travel arrangements, and every other thing. Maintaining hardware is an expensive and cumbersome task. It can cost you thousands of dollars each year. Moreover, if the equipment breaks down just before a meeting, all that effort goes to waste.


Hiring a remote interpretation service certainly is much more reliable.


The benefits of hiring a service are enormous. Rather than going with the traditional methods, you have to choose this method to ensure that you are interpreting your meetings, messages in a much better way in real-time.

Business Analyst