The TRUST Framework

Tembusu’s TRUST framework is a high-tech global infrastructure that lets verified individuals transfer and manage assets instantly, securely, simply and inexpensively.

TRUST For Business

Accounting Made Easy

TRUST's infrastructure can keep track of all transactions, credits, and debts in one place. It also serves as an automated clearinghouse with nearly zero costs.

Offline payments

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, each TRUST transaction belongs to identifiable person with accumulated 'trust'. This allows trusted individuals to make offline transactions, so business can be done even without an Internet connection.

Cashless for less

Cashless payments offer better security for your transactions by removing physical risks like robbery or theft. TRUST lets you enjoy these benefits without having to incur costly credit card or electronic transaction fees.

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TRUST For Governments

Not too anonymous

Every user on the TRUST network is a real and identifiable person. While accounts are anonymous by default, authorities can unveil identities to investigate suspicious activity.

On the record

Every financial transaction done by every TRUST user is kept on one shared universal ledger, so taxes can be easily filed and verified. This also eliminates the ability for anyone to make false claims.

Lower costs

TRUST doesn't replace traditional money; TRUST integrates it. As an economy’s cryptocurrency becomes widespread, the cost of maintaining and creating physical money will be reduced by using a robust, persistent, low-cost cryptocurrency.

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TRUST For People

Your money is yours

Your account can never be frozen or used by anyone else and is accessible only with your PIN. If you lose access to your wallet, it can be easily regained by using a set number of “trusted keys” that you nominate other users to hold.

A good reputation

TRUST's Proof-of-Identity allows TRUST users to build reputations. As your reputation grows, so does the amount of TRUST you can spend while offline. Your TRUST reputation could also help you receive loans and credit.

Easy to use

If you use smartphone apps, you can use TRUST. For the end-user, it is not much more than what is already in your wallet – money, credit cards, access to banking. How hard can it be?

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TRUST For Good

Financial access for the unbanked

TRUST allows anyone with an Internet connection to easily participate in the global economy. It costs nothing and can be done in minutes. Traditional banking services can be inaccessible or costly for the impoverished, and this prevents some 2.5 billion adults from making transactions we take for granted.

Send more home

The remittance industry deals in S$10 billion annually in Singapore alone, with 2- 4% of that money taken as fees by middlemen. A TRUST remittance system would remove nearly all costs and fees, allowing migrant workers and their families to send and receive more money more easily more often.

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How it works

The TRUST system is a next-generation distributed blockchain technology. TRUST is a revolutionary platform of exchange and personal asset management that puts the benefits of cryptocurrency technology into everyone’s hands.


Is TRUST another cryptocurrency?

The TRUST system uses the same basic technology behind cryptocurrencies, the distributed blockchain, and allows people to use it for a variety of purposes. These can be a cryptocurrency, a shopper rewards program, an in-game economy, or anything that needs a robust, trustworthy record-keeping system.

What does TRUST stand for?
TRUST System - Tembusu Reputation-based Universally Secure Transaction System.

How does TRUST guarantee secured payments?
TRUST uses a distributed ledger – everyone on the system keeps a copy of who owns what and what has been transferred to whom. This way, it becomes nearly impossible to make bogus payment records, since faking a payment will theoretically require the cooperation of everyone in the network, at the same time.

Who are the people behind TRUST?
Tembusu Systems is the company behind TRUST. The founders are Andras Kristof, Jarrod Luo and Peter Peh. They are supported by a highly experienced team of advisors, including: Mikkel Larsen, Managing Director of DBS Prof. David Lee, Professor of Quantitative Finance (Practice) at SMU, Director, Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics, Academic Director, Global Master of Finance Dual Degree Prof. Yanis Varoufakis, Professor of Economic Theory at the University of Athens and a private consultant for Valve Corporation.

Why does TRUST cost so little to use?
TRUST is a distributed system, which means that the record of transactions and of who owns what is shared across all the “nodes” on the network – that means every user and their devices. This is in contrast to centralised systems, where one single party has to pay for the costs of running servers, Internet connections, redundancy, security, physical space, customer-facing services and more. In some situations, such as in foreign exchange or remittance, money has to be moved between several intermediaries, each of whom need to take a fee to pay for their costs and make profits.

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